Hi, I am Michaela!

Welcome to True Beauty Photography! I have been doing photography for nine years and have loved every minute. I moved to Houston in August of 2021, and my full time job is a Speech-Language Pathologist in Clear Creek ISD in Friendswood. I got my Masters degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and grew up in Nebraska! Go Big Red! I have three sisters, I have an orange cat named Beesly, and I used to be a barista so therefore, I am a major coffee snob. I am also in love with a God that pursues me recklessly.

The goal of my photography is to capture the raw, authentic and unique beauty of every single person I take pictures of. I want everyone leaving the shoot feeling beautiful and loved. So thank you for joining me in this mission of capturing beauty and being captivated by beauty Himself.

Weddings for Hope

India and Uganda are two countries that have stolen my heart. I had the opportunity to visit them both over the years, as well as see the impact an organization called The Hope Venture makes in the communities they serve.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days and changes your life, but what if it could also change someone else's? A portion of your wedding package will be donated to the feeding centers in India! In fact, one wedding will feed one child for an entire year. Your love story can be part of something greater and make a change.

One wedding. One child. One year.

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